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The Back Ground

Whilst a good number of schools are slowly computerizing, there is still a big challenge in the full utilization of those computers is concerned.

There is therefore a great need for connectivity and skilled I.T personnel to support them to fully realize the benefits that come with Information Communication Technology. Due to lack of mechanisms to maintain and service the machines as well as lack of capacity, some of the schools could not benefit from this initiative to get their computers fully utilized.

Indeed a number of schools are facing problems in processing and circulating official documents, and are forced to spend a lot of money on external services such as typing, faxing and postal services in the country which is no longer viable and reliable. It now takes more time to receive items through the post office, and this causes delays and even communication breakdowns. Zimbabwe Schools online, thus dynamically comes to service in this regard.

Zimbabwe Schools Online is very keen to go into partnership with schools in ICT provision and backup. Our organization highly recommends schools to be networked through internet connection and websites. There are numerous advantages in having a website and being connected. These advantages include improvement in communications and, online enrolment and marketing.  Zimbabwe Schools Online will provide all the necessary services regarding software management, technical support, user friendly computer systems.

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