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Over five thousand Schools and thousand of visitors a day searching for schools information and what they offer. We are very pleased to be the first I.C.T provider to schools offering them the ability, not only to connect to the information superhighway but to network.

 90 % of Zimbabwe Schools to be connected before 2018.

Zimbabwe Schools Online  a project of Outreach Zimbabwe. The organization established with a vision to achieve excellence and international standards in terms of professionalism, innovation, quality, reliability, accountability and transparency.

In the informational era, schools need to be connected in order to promote effective communication, local networking, exchange of ideas and resources through information technology. In an endeavour to facilitate this initiative, the organization is proud to offer its expert services in communication, connectivity, computer hardware and software to interested schools.  This initiative should greatly benefit participating schools since it is more user friendly and convenient.

 Internet services

Internet remains the fastest, cheapest means of communication around the world and a large percent of communicators prefer it. Within a short space of time one can reach thousands of friends, business partners and authorities online. One can browse, download, print, and mobilize resources, shop and market online. Even regular communication with friends, family members away from home can be facilitated. The advantages are plenty and therefore being connected is a positive and intelligent move.

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